Echo AIO LabVIEW Support

Echo Test + Measurement announces enhanced LabVIEW support

AIO 4.3 announcement

AIO Software Version 4.3

Echo Test + Measurement announces the release of Echo AIO software version 4.3.


New AIO-L Module

Echo Test + Measurement is proud to announce the release of the new, redesigned AIO L-module for the AIO Test System. Featuring 4 IEPE mic/line inputs and 2 differentially balanced line outputs, the AIO L-module is ideal for general purpose electronic and acoustic...
8-11-2022 NEW MODULE AIO-H (2)

New AIO-H Module

Echo Test + Measurement is proud to announce the release of the new AIO H-module for the AIO Test System. The H-module is a 2-channel acoustic interface designed for production testing of wired headphones and earbuds and verification of sub-assemblies. It is available...
8-4-2022 AIO-C

New AIO-C Module

Echo Test + Measurement announces the release of the AIO C-module for the AIO Test System. The new combo module for the AIO Test System is designed to interface with common test fixtures used in testing hearing aids, hearing assistance devices and other wearables. The...

Echo Reinvents Company!

IntroducingEcho Test + Measurement! After 40+ years as one of the leading professional audio soundcard companies, Echo Digital Audio has reinvented the company, providing innovative test and measurement solutions based on soundcard technology. Now called Echo Test +...

who is ECHO?

Echo Test & Measurement (formerly Echo Digital Audio) is a U.S. manufacturer of audio test and measurement systems. With strong roots in consumer and professional audio design, Echo is the world leader in systems for manufacturing, QA/QC, component and sub-assembly verification, and secondary test bench applications. Echo test systems work like standard soundcards and are compatible with most audio test software. With over 30,000 units installed worldwide, there’s a good chance the device you are using to read this was tested with an Echo product.

To purchase Echo Test System products or arrange a demonstration, contact your local distributor or Echo Test + Measurement directly. We look forward to helping you with your testing needs.

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