digital audio

for over 40 years

Audio has become ubiquitous. Smartphones, smart speakers, televisions, appliances, and nearly every other consumer electronics product manufactured today all have audio features. Mass production of these devices requires reliable, efficient testing of loudspeakers, microphones, integrated components, and more.

Originally founded in 1978 as Street Electronics, Echo’s history parallels the history of personal computing. Starting with the Echo II interface for the Apple II, we have worked in such diverse fields as speech compression, music synthesis, game audio, music recording, guitar effects, education, and special needs accessibility. Echo has built hardware with every major type of audio transport technology: Bluetooth, FireWire, USB, Ethernet, and PCI, among others.

Echo provides audio test solutions for mass production to some of the best-known consumer electronics companies in the world.

With over 25,000 AIO units installed worldwide, there’s a good chance that the device you are using right now to read this was tested with an Echo product.

Echo products have been renowned for decades for audio performance, longevity, and reliability. Since 2014, we have built on that legacy to deliver accurate, proven, and cost-effective audio test hardware.