Echo Test + Measurement announces the release of the AIO C-module for the AIO Test System. The new combo module for the AIO Test System is designed to interface with common test fixtures used in testing hearing aids, hearing assistance devices and other wearables. The AIO C-module is available in a single module (AIO-C1) configuration, or it can be mixed with other AIO modules to create a customized test solution.

The AIO C-module features Advanced Battery Simulation and Monitoring (ABSM) technology that provides an adjustable 5V @ 1A DC power supply for simulating battery under-voltage or over-voltage conditions and a current monitor that covers a range from 1 uA to 1.25A with zero offset. The C-Module also has 8 GPIO inputs and 8 GPIO outputs for controlling isolation chambers, pass/fail indicators, and other equipment, a fixed 5V @ 1A DC power supply for powering test fixtures and a Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity sensor for establishing environmental baselines in a production environment.

When coupled with an AIO audio test module (A, L, S, or H), the new C-Module gives you a powerful measurement and control system in one convenient unit. Kris Jackson, VP Sales for Echo Test + Measurement, said “This is another first for the Echo AIO Test System. We were the first company to bring you dedicated interface for audio test and measurement providing the correct connections and software interface capabilities to a soundcard-based test system. Now we have expanded our capabilities with advanced control of external devices and ABSM technology for wearable devices. This is a game changer for companies that manufacture wearables, hearing aids or hearing assistance products.”

AIO-C Module Data Sheet