Echo Test + Measurement is proud to announce the release of the new, redesigned AIO L-module for the AIO Test System. Featuring 4 IEPE mic/line inputs and 2 differentially balanced line outputs, the AIO L-module is ideal for general purpose electronic and acoustic testing that requires more than 2 input channels. The AIO L-module is available in single module (AIO-L1) or two module (AIO-L2) configurations or can be mixed with other AIO modules to create a customized solution.

Each input can be individually configured as a line level input or as a measurement microphone input. Microphone inputs include an IEPE microphone conditioning amplifier with integrated constant current power supply (CCP)

The original L-module output circuit was design as a hybrid line output and headphone driver (for small headphones with minimum 32-ohm impedance). With the introduction of the new H-Module designed specifically for headphone testing, we redesigned the L-Module to be a true line output stage optimized for minimum 600-ohm loads. The new line output circuit has significantly better noise, distortion, and dynamic range specifications.

AIO-L Module Data Sheet