Echo Test + Measurement is proud to announce the release of the new AIO H-module for the AIO Test System. The H-module is a 2-channel acoustic interface designed for production testing of wired headphones and earbuds and verification of sub-assemblies. It is available in single module (AIO-H1) or two module (AIO-H2) configurations or it can be mixed with other AIO modules to create a customized test solution. 

The AIO H-module features two IEPE mic/line inputs and two single ended headphone outputs with integrated impedance measurement.  Each analog input can be individually configured as a line level input or as a measurement microphone input. Microphone inputs include an IEPE microphone conditioning amplifier with integrated constant current power supply (CCP).

 A single internal 0.1 ohm current sense resistor can be switched in software to either headphone output, allowing accurate impedance measurement of either output without physically rewiring.

Two additional internal line inputs are dedicated to voltage monitoring (VMON) and current monitoring (IMON) for impedance measurements.

AIO-H Module Data Sheet