Echo Test + Measurement!

After 40+ years as one of the leading professional audio soundcard companies, Echo Digital Audio has reinvented the company, providing innovative test and measurement solutions based on soundcard technology. Now called Echo Test + Measurement, the company has artfully repurposed and re-packaged audio soundcards into the AIO Test System – a modular acoustics and audio electronics test hardware platform that interfaces with virtually all popular audio test software using ASIO, WASAPI or macOS (Core Audio).

The AIO Test System features a chassis that accepts one or two audio test modules. With (currently) 6 module types to choose from, customers can configure the system specific to their testing needs with up to 8 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs, or 10 digital (TDM) inputs and outputs.

The AIO Test System offers an alternative to expensive audio analyzer hardware/software combinations by providing quality hardware along with both CLI and API control of all hardware functions that can be integrated with existing test software.

The AIO Test System is equally at home in acoustic labs, production test lines, and component and sub-assembly verification environments. Designed originally for end-of-line test, Echo T&M has placed over 30,000 units in factories all over the world in the last 8 years.

The AIO Test System feature set includes:

  • Mic/Line Inputs with CCP and TEDS
  • Line level, Headphone level, and Amplifier outputs.
  • Impedance measurements (built in sense resistors) for headphone and amplifier outputs
  • Quiet, fanless operation
  • Advanced Battery Simulation and Monitoring (ABSM) technology
  • Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity sensors for establishing environmental conditions
  • GPIO inputs/outputs

If you are currently using or considering audio soundcards for an audio test system, let Echo Test + Measurement show you how to save on system cost and complexity with the AIO Test System.