Echo AIO Windows Installer 4.1

Echo AIO Windows Installer 4.1

The Echo AIO Windows Installer sets up your Windows 10 or 11 computer with the complete set of AIO software tools:

  • ASIO driver
  • WASAPI driver
  • Control Panel application
  • CLI application
  • API library
  • Documentation
Download Echo AIO Windows installer 4.1
Changes for version 4.1

Interface module firmware

  • Automatically load T module firmware
  • Automatically save and restore T module configuration
  • Fixed issue with channel labeling for AT & LT configurations
  • Fixed startup issues with AT & LT configurations
  • Added support for T1 configuration
  • Added support for larger future firmware images
  • Output meters are now calculated before the output calibration scaling

AIO-T module firmware

  • Major firmware rewrite for reliability and timing fixes

Control panel application

  • Fixed channel naming for units with empty module slots
  • Fixed restoring the window size
  • Fixed restoring meter modes & units
  • Fixed TDM incorrect bits per word configuration
  • Fixed channel layout for AIO-AT and AIO-LT configurations
  • Changed AIO-S and AIO-H current monitor meters to read in milliamperes instead of ampere
  • Added decibel ampere meters for AIO-S and AIO-H current monitor

Windows driver

  • Add support for Windows 11 22H2
  • Fix for capturing audio with larger ASIO buffer sizes
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August 11, 2022