Echo AIO Windows Installer 4.3

Echo AIO Windows Installer 4.3

The Echo AIO Windows Installer configures your Windows 10 or 11 computer with the following software tools:

  • ASIO driver
  • WASAPI driver
  • Control Panel application
  • CLI application
  • API library
  • Documentation
Download Echo AIO Windows installer 4.3

Download 4.3 Read Me (Windows)

Changes for version 4.3

Interface module firmware

  • Fixed channel names for S and H modules
  • Support for more module configurations
  • Fixed issues with AIO-Sv2 and AIO-Lv2 modules initialization
  • Improved RMS metering
  • Automatically save and restore the audio clock source

Control panel application

  • Added Direct2D renderer for improved performance and appearance (Windows)
  • Fixed C module AUX IN not updating
  • More flexible control layout (vertical channel stack if the window is narrow and tall)
  • Streamlined meter controls


  • Complete rework of API + CLI for new command syntax and support for all AIO modules
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May 5, 2023