Echo AIO macOS Installer 4.1

Echo AIO macOS Installer 4.1

The Echo AIO macOS Installer is a disk image with the complete set of AIO software tools for your Mac. The AIO uses the built-in USB audio driver on your Mac; no driver install is necessary.

  • Control Panel application
  • CLI application
  • API library
  • Documentation
Download Echo AIO macOS installer 4.1
Changes for version 4.1

Interface module firmware

  • Automatically load T module firmware
  • Automatically save and restore T module configuration
  • Fixed issue with channel labeling for AT & LT configurations
  • Fixed startup issues with AT & LT configurations
  • Added support for T1 configuration
  • Added support for larger future firmware images
  • Output meters are now calculated before the output calibration scaling

AIO-T module firmware

  • Major firmware rewrite for reliability and timing fixes

Control panel application

  • Fixed channel naming for units with empty module slots
  • Fixed restoring the window size
  • Fixed restoring meter modes & units
  • Fixed TDM incorrect bits per word configuration
  • Fixed channel layout for AIO-AT and AIO-LT configurations
  • Changed AIO-S and AIO-H current monitor meters to read in milliamperes instead of ampere
  • Added decibel ampere meters for AIO-S and AIO-H current monitor
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